Spitze Party & Festabend Stöckelabsatz Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Bindeband (A3039)


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Spitze Party & Festabend Stöckelabsatz Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Bindeband (A3039)
Verwandte Produkte
Satin Flach Fläsche Absatz Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Strass
Spitze Sandalen Kegel Absatz mit Blase
Spitze Pumps Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Schleife
Satin Pumps Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Blase
Satin Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Schleife
Satin Pumps Stöckelabsatz Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Schleife
Spitze Plateauschuhe Stöckelabsatz Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Bindeband
Satin Sandalen
Artikel-Titel Spitze Party & Festabend Stöckelabsatz Hochzeit/Abend Schuhe mit Bindeband (A3039)
Zustand 100% Neue Marke
Kategorie Damenschuhe
Stil Brautschuhe, Tanzschuhe, Abend & Party
Zehen Stil Geschlossen Zehen, Mandel Zehen
Upper Materials Spitze
Inner Stoff Echtes Leder
Verzierung Bindeband
Absatzstil Stöckelabsatz
Absatzhöhe 3"(ca.7.6cm)
Verfügbare Breite Regelmäßig
Dargestellte Farbe Weiß (Color & Style representation may vary by monitor)
Anlässe Unformelle, Abiball, Empfang, Hockzeitparty
Jahreszeit Frühling, Herbst, Winter, Sommer
schnellere Lieferung Ja
Netto-Gewicht 0.7kg
Gewicht 0.9kg
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Durch Jenna      
2012-03-01 01:34

I was scared to order my shoes online but they are beautiful and fit perfectly! They are comfortable and are of good quality. The shipping was fast to the united states. I got them in 3 days! The shoes come with comfort soles and a little cute bag to put them in. The bottom of the shoes are brown, not black (as pictured) but they are still beautiful. I am very happy with my purchase. My wedding party will be purchasing these shoes, from you, as well.

Durch Kundendienst

Thanks so much for your review. We are happy to know you like the shoes and service. Have a happy wedding and welcome to visit elegantark in the future.

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Durch Andreja

I'ld Love to have these shoes in a dark red (Colour Table Satin 1 FS1779 #8 or #10). In the customizing mask I can only change the colour into red, without being able to choose which shade of red. How could I solve this Problem or isn't it possible to choose a shade of red?

Durch Dolah
2017-02-06 16:06:26

Thx for your inquiry, we have two kind of red color,we have send to your email address,you can choose one red color to  customize your shoes, but the Bow can not can to red.please check your email later.

Durch Alexandra

Brie is especially good with those calmierazed onions!! It was not all that difficult to cover with the pastry. This is a real winner.  It will remain in my permanent files for sure.Thanks for this one, and I will be wearing my fat pants from now on until New Years.  lol

Durch Maggie
2016-07-21 09:53:09

Thank you

Durch Kristy

How do I order the shoes in a different color satin? How much does that cost? I'm having trouble navigating your site.

Durch Carla
2015-08-04 10:38:09

Thanks for your question,we can provide the customized service. And you can choose the "customize order " on our page . And it will have the total cost at last.
Any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Durch Katie

And I also asked about returns? Since they're not dyeable and the color varies due to Internet photos being not entirely accurate, If the ivory color is too dark compared to my dress would I be able to return for a refund??

Durch Maggie
2015-07-15 17:01:14

Thank you for your reply. And if the shoes don't match, you can contact us to return.

Durch Katie

Hi are these dyeable???? My gown is ivory but I think your ivory may be too tinted, I'm contemplating dying them burnt orange (my wedding is in the fall). If they're not dyeable would I be able to return if they are too different in color?

Durch Maggie
2015-07-15 16:15:52

Thank you for your question. And our satin shoes cannot be dyeable.Any problem ,please feel free to contact me.

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